Cracking Open the Truth About Glass

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4 Perks Of Window Tinting For Your Commercial Building

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As a business owner, you constantly search for new, exciting, and innovative ways to better your business environment. You want the perfect working space for your employees to remain satisfied and improve their productivity. Your working space should also create instant appeal to visiting guests and clients. There are many ways to do this, but have you thought about getting window tints for your business? Take a look at some advantages that make window tinting an ideal investment for your business. Read More»

The Past, Present, And Future Of Auto Glass

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Not very many people talk about auto glass when discussing the impressive features of a particular vehicle. However, the fact is that this commonly overlooked aspect of your vehicle has quite an interesting past, vitally important present function, and incredibly bright-looking future. Looking Back At The Past There was a point in time when only the wealthiest vehicle owners were able to benefit from a windshield. This is because while auto glass is now a standard part of all vehicles, a windshield was not part of a standard model vehicle in the earliest vehicle models on the market. Read More»

Actions You Want To Take When Addressing Windshield Rock Chips

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Even if you’re a careful driver that takes all of the right precautions, a rock may eventually chip your windshield. If it does and you want to minimize the stress of this automotive problem, take these actions.  Analyze the Problem at Hand You’ll understand exactly what actions and repair tips are necessary if you first analyze the chip or chips that have developed on your windshield because of rocks. A thorough and appropriate analysis ultimately will lead to the best repair option. Read More»