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The Past, Present, And Future Of Auto Glass

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Not very many people talk about auto glass when discussing the impressive features of a particular vehicle. However, the fact is that this commonly overlooked aspect of your vehicle has quite an interesting past, vitally important present function, and incredibly bright-looking future.

Looking Back At The Past

There was a point in time when only the wealthiest vehicle owners were able to benefit from a windshield. This is because while auto glass is now a standard part of all vehicles, a windshield was not part of a standard model vehicle in the earliest vehicle models on the market. Instead, the inclusion of a windshield was considered a luxury and was quite expensive despite the fact that these early windshields were comprised of very thin glass that was easily shattered.

The Importance Of Auto Glass In The Present Day

Nowadays auto glass not only is considered standard on all vehicles, it actually plays a vital part in keeping drivers safe. In addition to protecting drivers from hazards such as road debris and severe weather, auto glass also plays an important function in allowing other safety features to function properly. For example, your vehicle's windshield will play an important role in the proper deploying and positioning of your vehicle's airbags if you are ever involved in an accident. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to always make sure your auto glass is kept in good condition and that you contact a reputable company to quickly repair any damage your auto glass may suffer. 

Looking To The Future Of Auto Glass

While auto glass has already come quite a long way from its early days, there is still a lot of exciting features that many experts expect to see in the near future. Perhaps the most exciting of these prospects is an idea that many enthusiasts refer to as smart glass. The idea behind this hybrid of traditional auto glass and technology is that individuals will be able to display things such as navigation, weather or traffic forecasts, and even interactive games right on your vehicle's auto glass. Some sci-fi enthusiasts even go as far as to imagine smart glass being used to project pleasant imagery over the entirety of the auto glass when the day comes that vehicles are able to drive themselves.

While features such as smart glass may still be a ways into the future, one thing is for sure. The world of auto glass is continuing to evolve even as many other car features seem to have reached their maximum potential. 

To learn more or to get help with your windshield, contact a local auto glass company.