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3 Popular Glass Installation Ideas For Your Home

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Glass is a stylish and versatile material that adds character to any home interior. Glass is so versatile that it can be hard to keep track of all the ways you could potentially use glass to enhance your home. This guide is meant to help you expand your interior decorating options with three popular glass installation ideas for your home.

1. Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops can be custom-cut to any size, shape, and thickness that is needed in your home. Tempered glass tabletops are a popular option because their unique manufacturing process makes them shatter-resistant. Glass tabletops are the epitome of modern design, but they will also fit into rooms of any style.

The edgework is another important decision to make when choosing glass tabletops. Most homeowners prefer tables with beveled edges that slope away instead of ending with abrupt right angles. Look for tabletops with polished edges if you want a smooth finish that matches the surface of the tabletop.

2. Interior Glass Doors

Residential glass companies can install new interior glass doors or fabricate replacement glass panes for your existing doors. Glass doors are a functional way to divide spaces in your home without making any room feel too cramped. You can even install frosted glass doors for bathrooms and other rooms where extra privacy is desired.

If you're on the market for new doors, you have several options to choose from. French doors and sliding glass doors are classic choices thanks to their simplicity and elegance. Glass-paned doors with wood frames maintain an open feel without sacrificing noise dampening. Bronzed, tinted, and textured glass panes are great ways to complete the look of your new interior doors.

3. Glass Room Dividers

Homeowners who want an even more spacious option than glass doors may be interested in glass room dividers, or glass walls. Glass room dividers are great for living rooms and entertainment areas where you and your guest can enjoy plenty of natural light. You can choose between full-glass walls and partition walls that use glass panels in combination with other materials, such as masonry or metal. 

The effect that glass installations can have on a home's interior can be truly surprising, and discovering the most attractive uses of glass in your home takes a creative eye. If you are ready to upgrade your home's interior with glass, a local custom glass company like Bay Glass Co. Inc. can help you design the perfect installations for your home.