Cracking Open the Truth About Glass

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What To Consider When Designing A Custom Mirror

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Designing a custom mirror for your home can be an exciting and creative project. Whether you are looking to add a unique statement piece or enhance the functionality of a space, a custom mirror can elevate the overall design of your home. However, before diving into the world of mirror design, you need to know what features you’re looking for. Take a look at some important things to think about when designing a custom mirror for your residential space. Read More»

3 Reasons Glass Shower Doors Are Superior To Shower Curtains

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When comparing the use of shower curtains to glass shower doors, it becomes clear that shower doors truly are the superior option. There are several reasons for this. You can learn more about three of these reasons below.  Reason #1: Easier To Clean Shower curtains can be extremely difficult to clean. This includes both vinyl liners and fabric shower curtains. This is because shower curtains have many creases and folds where moisture can become trapped and lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Read More»

Creating A Spa-Like Retreat: Shower Door Upgrades To Consider

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Do you want your shower to feel more like a spa? The key could be in upgrading your shower doors. With a few changes, you can transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation. Here are some suggestions for shower door upgrades to consider. Frameless Glass Doors Frameless glass doors provide a modern, upscale aesthetic that can make your shower feel more like a spa. This type of door requires minimal hardware and can create the illusion of a larger bathroom. Read More»

Why You Should Change A Cracked Windshield Without Delay

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A vehicle’s windshield is more than just a simple barrier against wind and rain because it plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of both the driver and passengers, as well. When a windshield is compromised by a crack or chip, it is essential to address the issue without delay. Find out why cracked windshield repair services delivered by auto glass replacement professionals should be booked as a matter of urgency. Read More»

Everything You Need To Know About Auto Glass Repair

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It happens to everyone at one time or another. You are driving along, minding your own business, and — wham! — a rock hits your windshield. What now? Here’s a closer look at how auto glass repair works and how it can make your vehicle whole again. What Is Auto Glass Repair? Auto glass repair is the process of repairing cracks or chips in your vehicle’s windows or windshield. In some cases, this simply involves filling the crack with a special resin that seals the area and prevents further damage. Read More»

Considerations When Shopping For Shower Enclosures

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Shower enclosures are a great way to add a touch of style and luxury to your bathroom. They can also create a sense of privacy, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing shower without worrying about being on display. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or just looking for a quick and easy update, installing a shower enclosure can be a great addition. When it comes to shower enclosures, there are a few things to consider, here are a few of the important ones. Read More»