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3 Reasons Glass Shower Doors Are Superior To Shower Curtains

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When comparing the use of shower curtains to glass shower doors, it becomes clear that shower doors truly are the superior option. There are several reasons for this. You can learn more about three of these reasons below. 

Reason #1: Easier To Clean

Shower curtains can be extremely difficult to clean. This includes both vinyl liners and fabric shower curtains. This is because shower curtains have many creases and folds where moisture can become trapped and lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Furthermore, it can be difficult to scrub shower curtains to remove soap scum and dirt since these curtains do not provide a solid surface. Consequently, you will often need to remove these curtains to clean them. This is not a task that is easily completed on a daily basis. 

With glass shower doors, you can easily spray your doors with a cleaning solution after each shower. This prevents the buildup of soap scum and other substances that can impact the cleanliness of your shower. Furthermore, since there is nowhere for moisture to hide when using glass shower doors, the use of these doors will eliminate any concerns regarding the growth of mold and mildew. This means that you can spend less time cleaning while still enjoying a much cleaner showering environment. 

Reason #2: Makes Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Simply put, glass shower doors help to make your bathroom appear bigger. This is thanks to the fact that light can travel through your glass doors. Since light can pass through the glass, your brain accepts all of the space that is behind the door as a continuation of available space. This gives the feeling of a larger bathroom. This is not possible with a shower curtain since these curtains do not allow light to pass and therefore represent the end of available space in your mind's eye.

Reason #3: Custom Fit To Your Shower

Shower curtains come in very standard sizes so that they can be used to accommodate showers with a variety of dimensions. While this approach to shower enclosures may be convenient, it can prove problematic for some people. This is because while shower curtains may come in standard sizes, not all showers will be the same shape and size. Consequently, the use of a shower curtain could leave you with gaps where water can escape. You may also find that these curtains encroach on your ability to use all of your showering space. These problems are eliminated by choosing to install custom glass shower doors since these doors will be fitted specifically to the shape and size of your shower. 

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