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Four Factors That Will Worsen Minor Chips And Cracks On Your Car Windshield

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Does your car windshield have minor chips and cracks? You can easily fix the chips by using resin or windshield patches. However, if you wait too long to repair the cracks, they will spread across the glass, making it impossible for you to repair them. In this case, your only choice will be to replace the glass. Therefore, beware of these factors that can worsen minor chips on your windshield.

Exposure to Solar Heat 

Heat is the greatest enemy of a cracked windshield. When you park your car in the sun for a long period of time, the windshield absorbs heat from the sun and the metallic body surface. The heat causes the glass to expand, which causes existing chips and cracks to spread rapidly. Extreme heat can even stress the glass and cause new cracks to develop. Therefore, as you wait to repair the glass, park your car in the garage or under a carport.

Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

As aforementioned, windshields expand when the car is exposed to solar heat. If you turn on the AC immediately after getting into the car, the windshield will cool down fast. The sudden change in temperature will cause the glass to contract rapidly. This can exert stress on the glass and worsen minor chips and cracks. Therefore, repair minor chips on the glass immediately to prevent them from widening. If you have to turn on the AC inside a hot cabin, roll down the windows for a few minutes, so the windshield can cool down gradually.

Impact From Flying Debris

Driving on high-traffic roads exposes your vehicle to impact from flying debris, such as gravel. Similarly, driving too close behind dump trucks causes small stones and construction materials to hit the vehicle's body and the windshield. If an object hits an existing chip in the glass, the crack will spread. Over time, the crack will widen and become too large to repair. Avoid driving your car until you fix the chips, as you could worsen the damage.

Rough Driving

Rough driving usually involves driving at high speed, braking hard, and hitting bumps and potholes at high speed. While it may appear harmless, it shakes the car and causes vibrations throughout its body. Unfortunately, these vibrations can cause stress cracks on the windshield and widen existing chips. Therefore, if you must drive your car with a chipped windshield, drive at an average speed, brake smoothly, and slow down when approaching bumps and potholes.

Don't wait for the chips on your windshield to widen and become irreversible. Instead, visit an auto repair shop for windshield repair and save money on auto glass replacement.

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